Workers at Their Computers


We all recognise the need to manage our physical and mental wellbeing, but often the hardest part is to find time for the self care we need and is not always a top priority especially juggling work and family commitments in modern day living.

Employers have a duty to invest in both their employees physical and mental wellbeing and to encourage a healthy workplace environment. A good way to bring these together is by bringing holistic therapies into the workplace. Treatments can be slotted into the working day so that your employees have the opportunity to experience a

non invasive treatment whilst at work. I generally offer reflexology or Indian Head massage as all is required is a quiet space or meeting room ,however, I can organise further therapists offering different treatments and even manicures and pedicures as other options.
As I offer this service by a daily 

daily rate treatments can be tailored anywhere between 15-40 minutes so it’s can be a very cost effective way to ‘treat’ many employees.
By investing in the employees wellbeing the benefits for the employer are numerous by reducing workplace stress, promoting  self care and help minimise sickness. All of this leads to a healthier and happier working environment for all employers

This bespoke service can be adapted to your companies needs whether a small

office or large corporate environment.

It can be a great treat on employee fun

days or incorpoated into teacher training days.

If it’s a service you would like to offer your staff on a regular basis this can also be arranged.
Please contact me to discuss your particular requirements.

Half Day (3 hours) £150.00

Full Day ( 7 hours) £300.00